Warranty / Returns

CUTTING BOARDS – Warranty, Returns & Related:

Purchases of A BLOCK WOOD cutting boards, butcher blocks & chopping blocks (henceforth under the umbrella term “cutting board”) are covered by a limited warranty as defined directly below.  This warranty coverage is applicable against defects in material, manufacturing and workmanship.  If a product is found defective, A BLOCK WOOD will either repair or replace the item on behalf of the CUSTOMER.  Replacements will be the same product, or similar, if previous product is no longer available.
Signature Line = 180 day Warranty
Natural Beauty Line – Brick Wall Pattern = 90 day Warranty
Natural Beauty Line – Chopping / Butcher Block = 90 day Warranty
Natural Beauty Line – Specialty & Unique Cutting Boards = 90 day Warranty
Limited Edition / Designer Line = 90 day Warranty
Cheese / Herb Blocks = 90 day Warranty
All defective items will be repaired or replaced at the discretion of A BLOCK WOOD.
Defective items accepted for return will:
  • Be Authorized in advance by A BLOCK WOOD
  • Be Shipped back to A BLOCK WOOD
  • Return Shipping to A BLOCK WOOD will be Paid for by A BLOCK WOOD
  • Return Shipping to the CUSTOMER (if applicable) will be at A BLOCK WOOD expense


                DEFECTS & WORKMANSHIP – Definitions and Limitations

Defects are described as anything which will render the board as unusable such as cracks, splits and or warps.  Natural colorations, grain variations and shadings of the wood are NOT a defect.   

The following are NOT covered under this cutting board warranty:

  • Neglect of required normal cutting board maintenance and care

  • Fading or variations in color or finish over time

  • Damage to cutting board from intentional or accidental means

  • Abuse, alteration or misuse of cutting board for purposes other than it was intended

  • Normal wear and tear (scratches, stains, blemishes or slight color variations in wood grain)

  • Splitting, checking or cracking due to inadequate oiling of cutting board (please see care instructions link below)

  • Damage due to water immersion or putting cutting board into dish washer

  • Damage due to exposing cutting board to extreme heat, cold, open flame or changes in humidity

  • Warping or cracking due to storing of cutting board in excessively wet, damp or humid environment

  • Minor variations in size.

  • Unauthorized repair



ALL returns require prior authorization from A BLOCK WOOD.  Please email Operations@ABlockwood.com for authorization.  Authorized goods for return must be received within 14 days of authorization, in the original packaging. 

Product Warranty – Cutting Boards

Defects are described as anything which will render the product(s) unusable such as cracks, splits or warps.   

  • A BLOCK WOOD will pay for Return Shipping


                                CUSTOMER Induced, Caused or Neglect Damage

All items that have CUSTOMER induced, Caused or Neglect Damage will not be returnable.

                                 Non-Defective Items

All non-defective items that are accepted for return will be at A BLOCK WOOD’s discretion.  If the return is authorized:

  • CUSTOMER will be charged a 20% restocking fee.

  • CUSTOMER is responsible and will be charged for Returned Shipping costs.

                                Special or Customized Items

Unless due to shipping damage, Manufacturing or Workmanship defect, special or customized items are not eligible for returns.

Shipping /Freight Damages

If a product arrives with visible damage, it is recommended to refuse delivery (if possible), requiring the carrier to return the package to the original shipping point.  Reports of hidden damage must be made to A BLOCK WOOD immediately after receipt along with a written description of the damages and photo(s).

  • A BLOCK WOOD will be responsible for Return Shipping

Customized / Personalized / Special Order Products

Due to the CUSTOMER specific nature of custom/special order/personalized items, these products are not eligible for returns.  Exclusions are for damage during shipping and or manufacturing and workmanship defects.

Other issues past Warranty length

A BLOCK WOOD will do our best to make you satisfied with your purchase. 

A BLOCK WOOD may change, alter, modify or revoke this Warranty, Returns & Related policy at any time.

A BLOCK WOOD shall not be liable for any loss or damage arising from use, or for consequential damages.  This warranty gives certain legal rights and there may be other rights that vary from state to state.